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1/2/14 Update: This contest ended a winner has been selected in the comments string below. Thanks for everyone who entered!

I was invited to sample Love With Food’s December box this month, and oh boy, what a treat!  Love With Food is an incredible company.  I heard about them through a co-worker who receives their monthly boxes of Healthy Snacks, but hadn’t tried them for myself until this month.


Love With Food is like the “Tom’s” of the monthly food boxes.  For every box purchased, they donate a meal to a food bank, like Feeding America Network or Share Our Strength – No Kid Hungry.  They’ve already donated 150,000 meals throughout the nation.

What an awesome cause, right?  And boxes are only $10 a month.  The box is filled with Organic and All-Natural Snacks that are GMO-free and mostly gluten-free.  These boxes would make an awesome gift, too!  It’s super easy to sign-up and they offer free shipping with most of their plans.  Just visit for more information and box options.

Check out the bottom of this post to enter to win a FREE 3-month subscription to Love With Food!

Love With Food Review | Hugs ‘n Kitchen

The December box was fabulous!  I got 10 delicious treats that ranged from sweets, to spinach dip, to salty treats and even peppermints.  It even came with a big, reusable grocery bag!

Love With Food Review | Hugs ‘n Kitchen

I am obsessed with marshmallows.  And I love hot chocolate regardless of the temperature, but it’s been a little chilly here, which is perfect hot cocoa weather.

This box came with an awesome pouch of hot chocolate mix Les Confitures a l’Ancienne, and the coolest little marshmallow-shaped disc from Madyson’s Marshmallows that you place on top of your hot cocoa mug.  It’s just the right shape so it fits perfectly inside and starts to melt and spread the ooey gooey marshmallow throughout your hot beverage.

Love With Food Review | Hugs ‘n Kitchen

Love With Food Review | Hugs ‘n Kitchen

I can not wait to buy more of these!  The hot chocolate was wonderfully decadent and the perfect treat for my Sunday afternoon 🙂

Love With Food Review | Hugs ‘n Kitchen

Another yummy part of this box was a little packet of seasonings from Desert Gardens that you blend with sour cream and mayo (or you could substitute Greek yogurt) to make a Spinach Dip!

Love With Food Review | Hugs ‘n Kitchen

This dip was AWE-SOME. Seriously.  It’s so easy to whip together and it goes great with potato chips, carrot chips and celery!

Love With Food Review | Hugs ‘n Kitchen

The box also came with a lovely candy Bar from Betty Lou’s that was coated in white chocolate with a delicious coconut filling.  Absolutely heavenly!

Love With Food Review | Hugs ‘n Kitchen

The bag also came with some yummy Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato Chips.  Perfectly salty with a nice crunchy texture and hint of sweet from the sweet potatoes.  The perfect afternoon snack.

There were also some Molasses spice cookies from Grey Ghost Bakery, Natural Crispbread Crackers from 34 Degrees and Chocolate Dipped Madeleine by Donsuemor, which Adam loved.  They looked delicious, and he dipped the Crackers into the spinach dip, which he said was yummy!

I also loved the Lindt Chocolate Diamond square.  A small square of 70% dark chocolate, full-bodied, smooth, rich and wonderfully chocolate-y.

The perfect ending to this box was a little bag of Peppermints from St. Claire’s Organics.  They are refreshing and in the perfect purse-sized bag.

I am so excited to have these fun boxes to look forward to each month.  For the rest of this year, Love With Food is offering a special $10 off promo code for all subscription plans.  Just enter the code YEAREND13 and at checkout, you’ll also receive the $15 free gift to, little black bag or

For more information you can check out their Facebook page here.

They are a wonderful company, and I even received a hand-written holiday card from the CEO in my box!  Check them out, I promise you won’t be disappointed!

What is your favorite holiday snack? All you have to do is comment below to enter the giveaway.  One lucky reader will win a 3-month subscription to Love With Food!  Contest ends 1/1/2014 and is available to US residents only.

Happy Holidays!!

Hugs, kisses & yummy dishes… xoxo

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62 Responses to Love With Food + 3 Month Box Giveaway

  1. Diane says:

    My favorite holiday snack is spiced nuts – made with fresh rosemary and spiced chipotle!

  2. Adam says:

    Potato latkas!

  3. Aaron Rothenberg says:


  4. annieatoz says:

    Everything looks so delicious! I love warm Spinach dip, and every Christmas party I attended had plenty 🙂

  5. annieatoz says:

    Everything looks so good! My favorite holiday snack is warm spinach dip. Luckily, every Christmas party I attended had plenty of it! 🙂

  6. Julie Hall says:

    Looks great! My favorite holiday snack is sweet-roasted nuts or anything sweet and salty.

  7. Meagan says:

    Sweet blog, lady. My favorite holiday (party) snack is baked brie!

  8. Thanks for sharing about these awesome boxes! And such a great giveaway, too. Hmm….my favorite holiday snack would have to be chocolate covered pretzels!

  9. My favorite holiday snacks are artisanal popcorn and peppermint bark. I mean, peppermint bark takes on a entirely new flavor during this time of year. (yum!)

  10. It's Major says:

    My favorite holiday snack is peppermint bark. The seasonal treat comes back with a sweet vengeance every year, and always makes headlines. It’s easy to make a low-cal version, too!

  11. Beverly says:

    My fave snack would be warm spicy dips (think buffalo chicken, or warm spinach dip)! ; )

  12. Sarah says:

    Free stuff! Heck yeah!

  13. I’m with you, Lauren. Hot chocolate is good any time of year but definitely for the holidays!

  14. Jacob Dubin says:

    My favorite snack…ALL OF THEM! Looks so yum.

  15. Michael Alberici says:

    Williams-Sanoma peppermint bark!

  16. Michelle says:

    Love this! My favorite holiday snack is shortbread holiday cookies with sprinkles.

  17. Abby says:

    These boxes look amazing and your blog is so fun! My favorite holiday food is crab dip! I have a great recipe that is easy to make, and always disappears quickly at parties!

  18. pindsha21 says:

    It’s not really a snack, but I love stuffing. Thanks for sharing. This is pretty awesome and the price of a subscription is great.

    • hugsnkitchen says:

      Congratulations, Shavanna!!! You won the 3-month giveaway! You’ll be contacted shortly via email to get your shipping address 🙂

      • pindsha21 says:

        Wow! Yay!!! That’s awesome! Thank you 🙂 Honestly, it was such a great deal/worthy cause and thanks to your post I actually signed up for a monthly subscription. I had looked at other home delivery box sites, but none quite piqued my interest like this one. I shared your post with my aunt and I think she signed up too. Will I be able to apply it to my subscription or will I be able to pass it on as a gift?

        • hugsnkitchen says:

          That is so great! I reached out to my contact and asked whether this can be applied to your subscription or just gifted to a friend, and I’ll get back to you once I have an answer. Have a great weekend!

  19. Miriam says:


  20. Denise says:

    sooo many to choose from but my favorite holiday snack has to be all home baked goods people share with me 🙂

  21. Chelsea M says:

    My favorite holiday snack is chocolate-covered dried fruit. Feels at least a little healthy…

  22. Lindsey Levy says:

    This looks awesome! Can’t wait to try it.

  23. Lindsey Levy says:

    Oh! And my favorite holiday snack is champagne. 🙂

  24. manda says:

    I love gingerbread.

  25. Julie says:

    I love homemade hot chocolate!

  26. All of the yummy sugar cookies and egg nog! Yum!

  27. cowgerjs says:

    I love Chex Mix!

  28. Kayla Carroll says:

    Christmas Cookies!! Yummy!

  29. michele nicastro says:

    eggnog & christmas cookies 🙂

  30. I would have to say my mothers handed down recipe of butterhorns!! Most amazing pastry ever.

  31. Meryl says:

    My favorite is homemade dark chocolate truffles.

  32. my favorite holiday dish is my mom’s oatmeal cookies, straight from the oven. i have so many memories of literally sitting in front of the oven waiting for them to be done and would always have to have the first one. i may or may not have had a few burnt fingers, but it was totally worth it!

  33. Theresa says:

    My favorite snack is our families traditional Austrian sugar cookies!

  34. Jessica Reed says:

    My favorite holiday snack is peppermint bark!

  35. Gina says:

    My favorite holiday snack is these gluten free “biscotti” (only once baked) cookies. It’s my grandmother’s recipe.

  36. Nicole says:

    I have to pick just one? I love veggies with french onion dip, and cheese ball spread with crackers.

  37. Amanda B. says:

    Great review of the LWF box! I can’t choose just one holiday snack that I love, but I will share two, neither of them fancy. Chex Mix (made at home, not the kind you buy in the store) and sausage balls. My dad has gluten-intolerance and luckily it has been super easy to adapt these recipes for the holidays for him. In fact, if I win the 3-month subscription to LWF I will have it sent to him because I am already a subscriber. 🙂 I try to send as many GF goodies his way as I can. Will be keeping an eye on your blog for ideas to pass his way! Happy New Year’s!

  38. Steph says:

    I may have to try this even if I don’t win 🙂

    My favorite holiday snack is anything chocolate and salty. mmm

  39. Madeline says:

    I love my mom’s sticky buns that she makes over the holidays!
    madelinebrubaker {at} gmail [dot] com

  40. Jackie says:

    My favorite holiday snack is candied pecans! Yum:)

  41. Calli says:

    Love cheese logs with crackers!

  42. deb lewis says:


  43. Lindsey Reuter says:

    Anything with dark chocolate – YUM! 🙂

  44. Caroline B says:

    I love onion dip

  45. Maribel says:

    Everything looks so good. I’m always looking for healthy snacks for my girls

  46. Mary Jenkins says:

    Fruit cake. Yep.. the gross kind from the super market with brightly dyed cherries. I don’t know why, but I can’t stop eating that stuff. Must be the liquor in it.

  47. amberasay says:

    I love white chocolate popcorn with almonds and craisins mixed in!

  48. Jessica Sykes says:

    My favorite holiday treats are peanut butter buckeye balls. They’re chocolate-covered balls of peanut butter mixed with powdered sugar and they taste like a homemade Reese’s cup. So yummy!

  49. Jennifer says:

    carmel popcorn!

  50. Susan says:

    My favorite holiday snack is white wine and cupcakes!

  51. Karlee says:

    Pizzelles! And my family’s homemade Chex Mix — we call them Do-Dads 🙂

  52. Lindley says:

    Mashed potatoes!

  53. Erika P. says:

    Baked brie

  54. maythe says:

    That dip looks very tasty with chips and carrots! yum!

  55. Calli says:

    Mhmm, this looks delicious!

  56. Gale says:

    Does mulled cider count as a snack? Wait, no, fudge…fudge is my favorite.

  57. hugsnkitchen says:

    Thank you so much to everyone who entered! And congratulations to Shavanna for winning the 3-month Love With Food giveaway!