Olive Tapenade

IMG_6880My boyfriend and I just came back from a lovely trip to Cape Cod visiting my G.  We spent the weekend enjoying the record-breaking hot temperatures at the pool and beach, and stuffing our faces with delicious lobster, steak and homemade goodies.

G is famous for having a ridiculous spread of tasty homemade goodies whenever we come into town, and this trip she outdid herself!  When we arrived she had a yummy lunch prepared: cucumber soup (which was epic, and I will be posting later this week), curry chicken salad, potato salad, chocolate chip meringues and some neat cookies made with egg yolks, nuts and lemon zest.  Delish!  A few hours later we broke into the cocktails and appetizers, which included her perfectly salty and satisfying Olive Tapenade.

It’s a finely chopped, but chunky mixture of black olives, green olives, garlic and some olive oil.  It goes deliciously with rice crackers, but I imagine would be great with any type of cracker you have on hand.  My boyfriend and I love salty foods, and he loved this tapenade so much, that we made it ourselves immediately after returning home!


Adam digging into the tapenade

So, I’d like to share this delicious, salty and incredibly satisfying appetizer with you!  It’s easy to throw together, and great to enjoy by yourself or if you’re having company over.

What you’ll need: black pitted olives, green olives with pimentos, garlic, olive oil


Hugs, kisses & yummy dishes… xoxo

G's Olive Tapenade

  • Total Time: 5 minutes
  • YIELDS 2 cups


  1. Combine all ingredients in your food processor.
  2. Pulse until coarsely chopped.
  3. Serve with your favorite crackers!

4 Responses to Olive Tapenade

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  3. Tracy says:

    This sounds delicious! Being a salt-a-holi makes that green olive brine is calling my name! Thanks for sharing this recipe!