GF Review: Stonewall Kitchen Chocolate Brownie Mix

IMG_6629I’ve made a variety of gluten-free brownies from box mixes (Betty Crocker’s isn’t too shabby, either…) and from scratch recipes.  These are my favorite of the boxed version, and were a hit with everyone at my 4th of July BBQ, and none of them are even gluten-free!

They take a little work because you swirl in the fudge by hand at the end, and you need a table or hand mixer to get everything mixed properly, but they are so worth it once you bite into the brownie and get ooey-gooey bits of chocolate fudge that melt in your mouth.

For our party, I served these brownies with a scoop of ice cream, which never hurts, but these puppies are great on their own, too.


In addition to the package mix, you’ll need 2 eggs and 7 Tablespoons of melted butter.  They bake for about half an hour.  I like my brownies a little on the fudgier/under-cooked side, rather than totally cooked and crumbly, so depending on your preferences your baking time may change.  I recommend under-cooking them a bit from the package instructions.  You don’t want a toothpick to be completely clean when you pull it out – you still want some of the gooeyness in there!

These brownies are decadent and you will forget that they are gluten-free.  They’re also incredibly addicting and I can guarantee they won’t last long in your house!


You can order Stonewall Kitchen’s Gluten Free Chocolate Brownie Mix and other gluten-free baking products here.  What’s your favorite gluten-free brownie mix or recipe?

Happy baking!

Hugs, kisses & yummy dishes… xoxo